I have two computers: Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003. Both have wireless cards to connect to the internet. For sharing files they are connected with IEEE 1394. I have IIS running on Server 2003 for a local site. My question is how do I tell Internet Explorer and Firefox to use the IEEE 1394 network for browsing the local web site? Right now it seems to use the right network for file sharing which is 400mbps instead of 11mbps :) but when I browse the local site with a browser it connects with the wireless. If I disable the wireless adapter I can still browse the local site with the "fast" network. Thanks in advance.

My IEEE 1394 Firewire network didn't last very long since after a while it no longer had "TCP/IP configured for the connection" even though it was configured. wierd. anyway I went with a 100 Base T crossover cable instead, but I was still unable to use it for browsing the local IIS site - still defaulting to wireless.

I was able to fix this by adding an entry to the hosts file in Windows XP with the server's name and ip address on the wired network.