I have a Dell Inpiron 5100 notebook and normally I would connect wirelessly with a removable DLink DWL-G60 PCMCIA adapter card.
I recently decided to purchase a truemobile (actually broadcom) 1450 wireless minicard. I've installed the necessary drivers (R115321) and now I cant get the card to connect to my WAP. My network is unprotected and no matter how close I am to the WAP I cant receive a signal. In both the Dell wireless utility and Windows utility nothing comes up. Is it possible that I hooked up the wires wrong and/or would it even matter? The wires are two different lengths so it difficult to mismatch them. either way the white is going to "main" and the black goes to "aux". Any advice on where to start? I've scoured the forums and google and there's not much documentation on the 1450.
Also, when I first fire up the notebook I get a balloon in the system tray that says, "One or more wireless networks are in range. Click this balloon to connect". But when I click the balloon, of course it takes me to the wireless utility which says there's no networks found in range.

thanks in advance!

What I would try is making sure that you still do not have the network adapter listed in Networking under the controll panel. If you have duplicate adapters you could have this problem. Remove both or all network adapters by right clicking and restarting again.

BIOS may still have another NIC showing. Not usually the case with Laptops however.

Hope that helps yah

RueB 2s De.