I have just purchased a Abit Airpace wireless internet card. It works fine, and it gets the internet realy well, but it has RUBBISH download speeds. I use Steam to play my games (www.steampowered.com), such as Counterstrike Source and Half Life 2, and it is downloading at under 20kb/s!
I have no antivirus software, and windows firewall is offline, but still the problem presists. However, firefox, my browser, downloads at around 50kb/s!

Seeing as i have just brought a new computer and hard drive, and i am having to download all the windows updates, as well as the massive Half Life 2 game, i dont realy want to do it at an average of 14kb/s!

My laptop, which has a built in wireless reciever, has good download speeds in steam, which are the same as the firefox one.
Can anyone help me?
I use a BT Voyager 2091 wireless ASDL router, with encryption and no one is stealing it...


Sounds like a good candidate for a firmware and driver update to me.

Also, make sure your new computer doesn't have programs "checking" for updates in the background.

in the mean time, at least dial up is 33-52kbps