At the moment i have to trail a long phone cable along my landing to get from where the phone line comes in to my computer.

i currently use an external modem made from BT (The BT Voyager 105) to get my broadband connection. My computer has an internal modem which I'd like to use instead of trailing wires across my landing.

My built in modem is a Smart Link 56K Voice Modem. It is connected through a PCI port on my motherboard.

What I'd like to know is how i can connect the current phone line cable to my internal modem. Could you please tell me what components i would have to buy, and any new software to get installed. Also i would like to know if i would keep the speed of my broadband connection. Would it drop down to a dial-up speed if i use my internal modem?

Final question is it worth doing?

The internal modem wont be a broadband one. It will be a standard one.

Why not get an wireless router (which acts as a broadband modem) and use that?

to costly :(

what about a cable router?

a wifi router is like £35

a wired router would work i suppose but isnt the whole point of this that you want to get rid of trailing cables?

Well i can put the cables through the loft, that dot matter, what i want to know, is who much all the cables and routers cost if i choose this method?

Bennet don't u have an old wired router and stuff, that i may perhaps use?

a wired ADSL router with builtin modem is like £30 and its about £10 for 15m of ethernet cable. The network card is £5 to £20

total cost £45 to £ 65

A wifi adsl router with builtin modem is £35 - £40 and its £15-£30 for a card

total cost £50 to £70

so as you can see they work out about the same price in the long run.

why do i need a network card?
My comp worked at ur house without the need for a network card?
i know u need one for wireless systems, but not with wired systems.

oh yeah i forgot that you had a builtin network card (ethernet port on your motherboard)

thanks for a panic attack

c'mon, just crimp the guy some cable!

i already gave my other friend whose also called james (me and serunson are called james too) like 100m of homemade ethernet. dont have a clue what on earth he does with it all.