Hi All,

Am using windows 2003 servers Theses Servers has two network cards on board. one for public and next for private. Public network is working fine. but my problem is with my private network connection after a period its goes to off line. and i cant access the connect to it. when i check in the network card properties its seems connected but i found there is no data transfer is going on ... if i disable and enable the card sometimes it will work or some times after a reboot it will work .. but after one or two days later again am facing the same problem....

I have done the following steps to solve the issue but it wont work .

Reboot the server ( the machine comes up after the reboot )
* Disabled the windows firewall
* Enabled the NIC ( but we found that the network went down after some time interval)
* Swapped the cable and did a reboot
* We Reconfigured the NIC
* Uninstalled and reinstalled the NIC Driver
* We changed the cat5 Cable
* Finally We changed the switch port,

Anyone can help me from this situation ?