Hi, Ive had issues with this every time I get a new router so this could be a general problem. I'm using 3 Desktops Wired and 1 Laptop Wireless

Desktop PC1, PC2
-Windows XP Pro, Netgear NIC
Desktop PC3
-Windows XP Home, MB Network Adapter
Laptop Lt1
-Windows XP Home, Not sure what it uses for a wireless adapter.

I have DSL through Sprint or Earthlink. The ADSL modem we have is set up so that it gives us IP address.

The router I am currently trying to configure is a D-link 625, I was using a Netgear but that stopped working for some reason. (I had similar issues with the netgear when i first got it. called a friend to come fix it.)

Ok now the problem, Ive gotten as far as disabling the DNS for the Dlink so that the ADSL modem gives me the IPs. It seems to be working find for both PC1 and PC2. they have XP Pro on them. However the other two get a Low or no connectivity error. and the laptop doesnt even see the Wireless network. Ive wired the laptop for tempory testing. So what I have are two computers that work and two that dont. Ive checked the settings on each computer several times and no change. Thats all the relavent information I can think of for starters. Im familiar with most of the basics about computers and Networking. If someone could help me figure this thing out I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time.


Hi i was wondeing if someone can help me. ive just come to japan for the year to teach and am desperate. I signed up for BB Yahoo Japan so i could have internet at home. HOwever my sony viao laptop is not registering the modemn they sent me and tells me i am not connected to the internet even though on the BB yahoo helpline they say i am. I have tried various things to do with the Local area connection but i just cant get it to work. do i need to put in an ip address or something? BB Yahoo tell me that they cant help me, no one here speaks english and my comptuer is in english so i cant take it to a store. I have no idea what to do. I have had the comptuer for 4 years and it has worked perfectly with internet around various student flats in Edinburgh and at my home in southern england. There is sometimes things which have to be changed in the intnernet settings when i first link up to a new intnernet but i cant remember what it was / is.
I am terrified i will be living in southern japan for a year with no internet or skype. please does anyone know what could be wrong? or a number i could ring to get it fixed?

Thanks for the Idea, however I don't know how to go about fixing windows.

Here is something that I didn't think about earlier. I hooked up a switch/hub with 5 ports. One for the incoming WAN and then 4 to the pcs. and the internet works. Now I would use this set-up however that defeats the purpose of having a wireless laptop. and I want the wireless for when other people bring their laptops ect. So I don't know what would cause this problem. If i could i would put XP pro but I'd rather not if I don't need to. Is there a setting in the router or am I missing something. Its a D-link 625

On your D-Link625 -- I'm also using Earthlink ADSL. Had to setup their modem in bridge mode, then configure router to handle DHCP, etc and pass the Earthlink login. (They've got instructions on their site specific to several router types.)

I found that each time I changed the router to a different brand/model I had to, at minimum, enter the modem (a Zyxel) and the router. No idea why.

Do be sure you power-off both modem and for a coffee break before configuring, by the way.