Hi all,
Ok, this is the dealio, i hav two desktop computers connected to a d-link dsl router, ones mine, ones my brothers.
A while ago i got this strange virus which made my connection fail after 10 mins of being connected, i tried everything to ge rid of it, but found no solution and found that no one else had any solutions with the same problem. So i eventually decided to ignore and put up with it.
After about a month though, i got this strange warning from my avg saying a different virus was attacking my computer, right after the message of the usual virus (which downloadd itself automatically everytime i connected) i ignored it and after the usual having to restart my computer to get the internet back i found i could not access the internet at all. Then i realised i had no connection icon in the bottom right, so i checked up on the network connections window to see what was up and found that there was no connections there... it seemed the virus had deleted my connections, so i tried to make a new one, and i found that my computer could not see that there was a router connected to it and could not create a new connection... i am very frustrated and very keen on just reinstalling windows and wiping everything to see if that works
and btw im typing this on my brothers computer in case ur wonderin...
thanks in advance

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a couple of questions
after creating a new connection you get the network icon back or nothing?
what OS?
have you started in safe mode and tried to get rid of the virus?


a couple of questions
1.after creating a new connection you get the network icon back or nothing?
2.what OS?
3.have you started in safe mode and tried to get rid of the virus?

1.No, the icon doesn't appear as my machine doesn't recognize that there is a router connected to it so can never go through with the wizard to connect it as it says that if it is a broadband connection it should automatically be made and if i try to make a dial up connection it says there is no router or modem connected.
2.windows xp professional
3.i have tried everything forums on this virus suggest but nothing has worked for me, it just keeps coming back after i delete it. also no anti-virus i have tried seem to get rid of it forever, they can find and delete it, but it will just download itself again when i connected

thanks anyway though

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