Hello all,

I have a workgroup setup of about 15 computers running Windows 2000 Pro, they are connected to a Netgear 10/100 switch which in turn is connected to a D-Link 504 (or similar) router. There is a Windows 2003 Server machine on the same network.

We have set it up such that all computer's "My Documents" point to the 2k3 Server, and is stored in a folder on that machine. One machine was having a hardware problem and had to be replaced. I replaced the machine with another one running W2k and set it up the same way as the old one. I copied over the older machine's IP & hostname so everything would be the same. The problem I am having now is that I can't ping any machine on the local network by hostname (NetBIOS). I CAN, however, ping by IP address. The first thing I checked was the DNS info, which was fine... and I can ping external sites like google, yahoo, etc, just fine. Also - I don't see any computer in "My Network Places" ( I am 200% positive they're all on the same network).

So far I have: checked DNS and tried to use \\IP to get to the server, but no luck. The services on that machine look fine also - I even tried turning on (almost) all of them, in case there was some service missing, but it made no difference.

I am stumped. Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading.

google master browser settings
and the best way to go would be to actually set the 2003 up as a DC with proper active directory settings, put all the workstations in the domain, instead of the workgroup and set up wins as well, for the netbios name resolution to work properly

yeah if u r having too many pc`s better go for DC u check default gateway not dns does other pc`s can acess this if yes try to chnage ip or system name

Did you join the replacement machine to the domain after removing the old machine from the domain?