I have a Lenovo notebook with 2Gb RAM and 500GB HD 32 bit Os.
It is a win dows machine with windows 7 OS.
I tried to make it dual booting by installing fedora 14 Os in the free space.Fedora booted normally ,but when i tried to boot with windows ,an exception "BOOTMANAGER MISSING !!!" occured.
I recovered windows but fedora wasn't there.
Can anyone please help me to make my system dual booting or is it that there is problem with my PC and it can't be dual booting at all?
Thank u ...

If you have successfully booted into Linux, and then were able to boot into Windows, this is not an altogether bad sign. This is just an indication of there being one last step before you are safely dual-booting between the two of them.

While you can boot into Windows, please run EasyBCD. It will make resolving your dual-boot a doddle to fix. There are helpful instructions here.