I bought Iiyama XB2783HSU-B1DP monitor. However I'm not able to connect my MacBook Pro 2015 from HDMI with DisplayPort to HDMI cable. From monitor menu I am able to select DisplayPort, but monitor will fail to receive any signal from laptop. I tried to connect monitor with Asus laptop, DisplayPort no signal again, while connection through VGA port works fine. Any advice?

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I ordered Thunderbolt 2 to DisplayPort cable now. Will see if that works. Nevertheless rather weird that HDMI from Asus laptop did not worked either...


Peter, now I'm confused.

You wrote you tried some displayport to HDMI on both laptops. Now you are going to get some thunderbolt to displayport and guessing here you are going to use that cable that didn't work on 2 laptops? The outlook is not good from here. I don't expect that to work either.

I tried to not be blunt but here goes. Many "cables" don't work. It's why I just get the Apple adapter.

If there is some HDMI issue I test that with some BluRay player or other HDMI source.

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