So two nights ago I turned off my laptop (it was working fine) amd noticed it took a little longer to shut down, then the next morning it took 40 minutes to start up, and it said there was an error with the wireless transmitter. I disabled and enabled the device and it worked again but a little slower, and I didn’t turn off the laptop again. The next day it took even longer to login and when it did the screen went black, so I did a forced shut down and after like 3 tries of trying to turn it on after it wouldn’t load it loaded in 5 minutes, but this time when it logs in the screen flickers black and back to normal, the mouse can still be moved when it’s black but I can’t click anything because it happens every two seconds and when I press the power button to put it to spleep and try to log back in ut works fine until I’m actually logged on.

Ahh the perils of the failing laptop. Your first order of business is to backup your stuff before it's lost. After that you may want to run some hardware test apps. I don't find any to be better than the rest but look out for failing HDDs as for some reason I saw a lot on Lenovo laptops. They tend to buy cheap seagates so maybe that's why.

The issues you noted were often traced to a failing HDD so try another drive as a test.