Honestly being a Network Administrator for years I tend this to be the best way to setup your page file.

Kill your page file set it to 0min/0max. Restart your computer, don't do anything expect open Disk Defragmenter. Defrag your drive once done set your Min/Max to double what you have in pyhsical ram restart. I find this to have the most performance and the best way to configure your page file if wanted to configure. Just my two cents.


Yeah looks like there all really the same.

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Revolutions of Spyware: The Art of Spyware

Sit back get a cup of coffee it's time for another tale of technology
by Jimmy Freligh Jr | June 15th, 2004

The ads, the pop ups, the Spyware, the spam, the headache, will it ever end? Sadly probably not but, there are ways of getting rid of this junk but, sadly it will be back it's just a matter of time. Doesn't matter what anybody says Spyware is here to stay. It started with pop-ups then went to spam and from spam it went to Spyware. Spyware is like a bad legal virus, it first installs it's self fifty different ways making sure you don't know where it is really located. Some even install tons and tons of strings to the registry making it impossible to find or should I say most. The worse case is when you try to delete it and restarts it's self coming back in a more powerful form while making your home page there advertisement, when you didn't ask it to, while taking up 100% of your CPU usage as a bonus. Normally you get this from low profile porn sites, sites that are not well known or even downloads of files/games that you think are cool but, there just another type of Spyware ready to advertise the hell out of your personal computer. Free MP3 sites, crack sites, warez sites all these sites normally carry Spyware "now". Sad thing is, some seem to install themselves when ...

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Thanks got them all saved them and printed them thanks!!

You ever see Geforce's web site I cant spell Nvida

FAQ's lol they suck man

let me show you.


I am working still on getting us 1/2 million high res pictures by the end of year. I am hopeing shouldn't be more then 4GB in the end. There are so many things that need to be gone it's crazy. I start working full time soon which mean I am buying www.pcmodkingdom.com this is exciting and fun cant wait for everything to settle down and things just go with the flow.

Thank you TechTalkGal and Tek I really enjoy the honor of having something to do with my old site wow what a piece of work now. Seems like yesterday when I was renaming 4500 pictures lol now look at the site it has an awesome new look and an awesome crew. TechTalkGal, Alpha thank you for helping / support.

Like I said PC MOD KINGDOM came a long way. I love receiveing 100 emails when I wake up with my coffee puts more faith into me and the site and thank you for all the viewers/fans and thanks for the emails.

If you guys need to contact me please email me at mcse2000@socal.rr.com


Hey inscissor ever use yahoo? I'm so sick of people coming into the rooms and booting people. The safest way to be on Yahoo is through Java. Which means you logg under www.yahoo.com instead of using there HTML Messanger.

Now I want pay back because they have rooms called "The Booter rooms and so on and so on.

I want you to make me the coolest "Java" Booter possible. Just code that goes into Java that will overload IE. I know this sounds dumb but I want payback.

I know your probadly thinking I'm crazy but maybe we can work something out.

I think I deserve your FTP because my momma always said I was special and always told me I can get what I want so if you can just go ahead and PM your FTP info that would be greattttt thankkkkkkkkssssssssssss.

I have went through and tired all types of different Remote Access programs such as: PC ANYWHERE/VNC/Windows XP Built in one I think and highly recommand Remote Administrator 2.0.


Get a trial version there and try it for your self it is awesome.

hmmmmmmm Rolo we will talk about it today at college hmmmmm sounds really good.