hi im new to tis site and to programing of any sort (other than flash) so does anyone know of a site that you can download progaming programs for free?

Well, it really depends.

If you were into running Linux, there's a whole wealth of tools that can be downloaded for free. What specifically are you looking to program in? Others might be able to suggest something for Windows/Mac environments.

Borland has several compilers free for download.
These include the 5.5 version of their C++ compiler (one of the best around!) as well as a number of old versions of their C++, C and Pascal systems.
http://www.borland.com/products/downloads/download_cbuilder.html (choose "compiler").
free registration required for both. Borland doesn't send anything you don't give permission for.

Microsoft has a free version of their C++ compiler for .NET (the very latest version) also available on their website.
Search microsoft.com for VCToolkitSetup.exe

Java can be freely downloaded from http://java.sun.com (for PC, for Mac contact Apple).

Python works on just about everything too, http://www.python.org

Apart from those all you really need is a good editor. I am somewhat partial to VIM (http://www.vim.org) and Eclipse (http://www.eclipse.org).

There's tons more but this should keep you occupied for a few years :)