I've learned programming in Visual Basic 6 followed by turbo C++.

I was able to make COMMERCIAL software using VB6 but not with C++.

The thing is I need to learn a language (for software development) that has syntax and logic similar to C++ BUT COMES WITH AN INTERFACE (as in VB, i.e. I must be able to design forms/buttons/etc)
Even in web programming, I prefer PHP, since its syntax is similar to C++ and in web, graphic part is done using C++

Which language should I go for? An advanced language, I want to learn. Similar to C++, but not black and white. It should enable me to design forms (As in vb)

Please list.

Would Visual C++ help?
I'm aware of Java NetBeans too.

Please help..

Thank you.

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Try C# using Visual Studio for a windows solution to your needs. C# uses the .NET framework and allows you to design forms and use a code-behind method to handle events, data etc. If you need cross-platform Java has similar capabilities using NetBeans design mode. C++, C# and Java are all based on C-style syntax, so each are similar in terms of syntax.

Thanks a lot!!! :)

Hi gabryprof,

But, doesn;t it have GUI problems? I mean, does Visual C++ support Windows Forms/buttons/controls???


It does not have GUI problems. Visual C++ does support Windows forms/buttons/controls. Though you'll have to use a special language specification called CLI if you want to use .NET in your C++ code.

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