I need some help. Some collegues need to link their AutoCAD files with an external data base, in this case in Oracle. So far pretty simple, and done...

Next step is to link functionality, if a record is deleted in the db, we want the corresponding CAD drawing component deleted also. For instance, if a building has a fire exit filled in, then we want to be able to delete it in the database, and the corresponding diagram disapears in the CAD dwg, and vise versa.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone done this? Have you come across some coding in open source etc.

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Is you application connected to oracle database ?

Yes, the AutoCAD items are linked with the items in the Oracle Database, however if one is deleted, it has no effect on the other. That is where our problem is.

Any solutions??


Sorry, I am not sure what you mean there. Pelase expalin what you mean.

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