I know this is slightly off-topic, but it still relates to Games.

I would like to ask a question about a game that I own for my PC. For the record, it's House Of The Dead 2. Anyway, a while back, I installed the game with an older graphics card, something like GEFORCE 5600, I think. I uninstalled the game and later then I purchased a new graphics card and installed the game along with it. I later noticed when playing it, some of the textures on the characters were missing, and replaced with white regions on their surface.
What I would like to know, is why this is happening with a higher spec. card? I have fiddled around with the options in an attempt to recover this error, but nothing worked.

Also, this game is fairly old, and requires these minimum specs to run:

Windows 98+ME(I have an XP, but I've always had one, it doesn't relate to my problem, it still runs on my PC)

Processor PII450

Mem 128MB

Graphics card 16MB

CD-ROM 8 speed

Direct X 7.0 or higher (What does this do?)

Thanks everyone :)

DX7 is an engine for c++ programming, but your problem i think is that the game you are trying to play is to old and some of the textures cannot be "read" by either the graphics card or the computer.