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We know that in the process of Apple applications, the application for the issuance of the certificate need to use the key string, upload IPA need to use Xcode or Application loader submit the build version, which requires Mac apple computer.

Now a lot of partners cross platform development and application, some children do not have an apple machine, do not Mac, Windows is still easy to pack the shelves iOS APP.

Will use a tool Appuploader, you can Windows, Linux and Mac systems to support our apple applications.

The following describes how to apply for a certificate in the Windows environment and upload IPA process.

From the seven steps are described in detail!

1, create a unique identifier App IDs

2, apply for a certificate issued

3, apply for the release of the description file

4, iTunes Connect create App and fill in the information

5, Windows select the certificate compilation and packaging

6, Windows upload IPA to App Store

7, upload good IPA back to iTunes Connect submit audit

Only need to build a developer account, an auxiliary tool Appuploader, a PC computer, where the Mac can not use the computer