As a small business owner, it is difficult to understand where you are on the search engine result pages. SEO is complicated and it is constantly changing. Every company wants to maximize the search engine results. So to keep up the rank in the search engine results, need to contact the SEO agency for professional assistance.
Content: an Ultimate approach to reach a higher rank in SERP’s is the content. Search engines always give priority to the unique content. Content should be appealing and relevant which captivates customers drive to your website. Professionalize the content by adding videos, which gives an impression to customers.
Keywords inclusion: Consider the customer perceptive of what they are looking for and optimize the website by choosing the most searched keywords. Identified keywords should be used in the URL’s, text and title tags to improve the rankings in the search engine results. Keyword stuffing in the content and title tags drives more traffic to your website.
Backlinks: Submit your blogs to directories and get linked to other websites. The sites with more quality gain popularity and ultimately improve the rank in search engine results. Getting listed in online directories helps to boost your visibility. Sharing the page in the social media will also help to get linked to other websites.
Optimize the website: Optimize the actual webpage along with the off page SEO. Maintain a search box for easy navigation. Provide internal links in the website and redirect the readers to the other pages of the website.
Copy content: Avoid duplicate content and don’t plagiarize the content. If the copied content is spotted by Google algorithm, then that page is ignored or removed from the search engine results.
Meta keywords: Adding keywords in the Meta tags doesn’t optimize the page. Instead, it will make competitors gain knowledge on your targeted keywords.
Link building: Avoid buying links from websites; Google may think that you are deliberately doing that in order to cheat the search engine results.
Don’t use black hat SEO techniques to rank higher which may end in getting removed or blocked from the result pages.
Don’t create the website which is only desktop compatible; because 60% of the users are browsing on smart phones.
So getting on board is not enough, optimizing the pages brings you fruitful results. For desired results, you need professional assistance.

Thanks for great information i give some additional information which you missed

  1. Add Alt Tag for image
  2. Use compressed image for reduce loading time
  3. Add Robot.txt
  4. User friendly URL Structure
  5. Don't build backlinks from low quality sites.


I would like to answer the question and thanks for good question i would like to say some tips on your site:]

1 Create Backlinks from High PA/DA sites
2 Image Optimaization
3 Unique Content
4 Add Site In Robot.txt file
5 XML Sitemap
6 Use ALT atribute on site image


SEO tactics for SME:

  1. Use more number of keywords
  2. Optimize for voice search
  3. Your content should be fresh
  4. Pay per click advertising
  5. Optimize your images