HI all, I was wondering if anybody could let me know why my post https://www.daniweb.com/web-development/aspnet/threads/496278/building-first-mvc-application all of a sudden has been tagged as "let-me-google-that-for-you" .

Any non-newbie member can add tags to any article.

Hi Dani, fair enough, but aren't those tags somehow moderated? I mean, that particular post really doesn't seem to me to be the let-me-google-that-for-you kind. I admit though, that sometimes in old posts I have made the mistake of not googling well enough and a tag like that would be more than deserved, but in this case, I've done my research and didn't come up with anything helpful, and this makes me wonder how these tags are awarded to posts

They are moderated in the sense that newbies can't add tags, and anyone else can modify them, meaning they are community-moderated.

I think it would be useful if whoever adds tags can also give a reason for that, sorry to labour the point, but this tag on that post just seems really random

Tags are meant to be a quick add/delete type of thing ... asking for people to start entering reasons for the tags would defeat the point. Regardless, I've removed the tag. You could have too :)

OK fair enough, thanks for shedding some more light on the tagging and removing the tag. I must admit I didn't know I could remove it myself, but I would have created the thread anyway :-)

Regardless, I've removed the tag. You could have too

Are you sure? I can't. I can't just remove all tags and hit update, I have to enter at least one.