Hi all. New here - though I gather you could guess as much. I've been doing "web development" for 16 years, but I put it in quotes because the code has always been secondary to me. My specialty is in subliminal design - usability, sales funnels, viral concepts and quiet convincing. I stick to Wordpress because it has always done me well.

It would be absolutely awesome to partner up with a REAL developer - not only because I have serious problems now that I can't figure out, but primarily because after this project my portfolio will be a lot closer to the body of work I lost due to domain squatters, bad hardware, companies going out of business and more -- all in the span of 1 month. I already have more work than I can handle, and even better, most of my clients actually pay. I know, rare, right?

I'm going through a period of needing to re-prove myself because I lost my entire portfolio, so don't expect this to take off right away. But with your help, I can get my business back to where it was in much shorter order. After 2 years, I've finally gotten it to the brink of going viral. It won't be long now.

Any takers? Just FYI - I'm a marketer with a cause. I only work for good. You'll find me if you look up Yahoo Voices and "The Unfashionable Marketer". Thanks so much in advance for the help!

I welcomed you in another thread, but welcome again! I'm curious what you have in mind when you say 'partner up'. Leave more details here or feel free to contact me through my contact info posted on my website. Good Luck with your venture and I look forward to learning more about your project!

Sending you a reply via your email in a second, but for everyone to see - I'm already a partner with a social media and productivity specialist. Social media is another secondary for me, efficiency as well. So basically what I need is someone who is more pro developer than either of us, and we're suddenly a team with much more bandwidth than alone ;)

Welcome to the forums, Mayo! I wish you the best of luck finding what you are looking for on this site!

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Welcome to Daniweb, I wish you the best of Luck



hello and welcome!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! If you want, anyone here can get a free Psych IA evaluation. Basically how well your site does in terms of quietly convincing visitors. Let me know if that's something you're ready to tackle ;)