They are!! NOT. I hate their marketing strategy just to make you come back to them.

because when you want to reformat, you can't and you just have to go to tho them pay them to do it because they don't give the Drivers when you buy their laptop. that why IT SUCKS

Breathe mate.

Like all OEM's, they don't simply "give the drivers"; they simply make them available for download from their website. The one caveat is that drivers-per-model are displayed for "supported" models (as with any OEM), but a simple web-search will highlight compatible "supported" models for crossover drivers.

Dis ACER for many things, but this is just standard issue.


Yes ofcourse acer is very good in laptop, I will say acer is best. I have 2 acer laptop. honestly saying, I m very happy in using them. so i will suggest acer to anyone.

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