hi to all member, i am student in bachelor of science (hons) information system engineering , now in semester 5 .. this semester i have to prepare a proposal for my final year project regarding my course field in information system engineering (ISE) .. which is requisite for me to finish it for my certification in my degree.. i wish member here could give some concern on my problem . thanks !

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hi.. you can do one of following project as your final year project

Web Base Project - using html, css, javascript, php, ajax, xml, mysql
Management Information System - using Java
School Management System - using Java
Hotel Management Information System - using Java
Teacher's Timetable System for your school
Library System for your country..... like wise...


i'm currently do in final year in computer science. cn u explane more widely in this topics. because i need to get clear idea about this topics. plss explane what is the teachers time table??? how it can do???? what are the component we need to do in this topic.....txxxxx

my name email is <EMAIL SNIPPED>

@ezhekhyel89 failing to specify what language and technology you prefer, you just lost 80% of forum audience

@Tharanga05 no innovation just repeating what was already done and teachers had to mark years before. In doing so you are putting students in difficult situation being compared with same project idea done previously and often better. Creativity, innovation with use of additional technologies not touch at school is the high score project

@pasindu pathira spelling laziness will not be tolerated. No personal research and ability to assets technology on your own trying to find out how easy/hard will be to add and use these technologies and ideas in your project will be your downfall.

i need proposal on my project topic(factors that affects student low performance) using regression analysis

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