I nearly laugh my head out when i saw this. Take a look. Apparently the poster post in the wrong website. What has this got to do with IT related issues and stuff. Funny:D

No, not funny. The user is a sig spammer and the post is now deleted...

Ya, i know that. Both of the links in his sig is the same but there is a problem because i cannot flag his post.

It has nothing to do with the links in his sig being the same, it has everything to do with posting crap that is completely unrelated to the site let alone the forum in order to spam those links.

You cannot flag it because I have already deleted it.

No before that. When i replied to his post, i cannot flag it. When i flag other posters post it will bring me to another page that has a small box to send the reason to mods and admin. For that poster i am unable to do so. When i click on the flag bad post button, nothing happens.

Why did you delete the post, I wanted to read it :/

Because it was spam.

commented: Spam fighter:) +0

I doubt it will interest you because it is about " Windows ":)

Probably a lot more interesting than that pointless reply, to be fair...You wouldn't just be here to spam your signature links would you now?

commented: Hmm, seems like i need to pay more attention to friendly spammer now +0