If google drive is in the clood, why I have a different reading in google drive in my PC and the one in my laptop?

Please detail what is different. We know that Windows and it's "Windows File Explorer" is unreliable when showing content so please don't use that. Get to the command prompt and use the decades old DIR /A to show them all (Pokemon?)

It's possible that it's WFE (again) or it didn't sync. Read ideas about sync at https://www.google.com/search?q=why+doesn%27t+google+drive+sync

You need to share what's different. Otherwise I guess and I'm a terrible guesser.

Thanks. I deleted the doc "asi mera keya greek" from my laptop google drive. The document was not deleted from my PC google drive . Do Y have to syncronize the two google drive ? In my laptop THUNDERBIRD when I delete an email, it is deleted too on my THUNDERBIRD PC.

In short Thunderbird email and Google drive differ in operation. Google Drive RIGHTLY tries to avoid data loss so I can't guess how you deleted that document. It's really easy to delete it in Google drive and from memory when it syncs may delete on devices.

In my view this is good design. Make it so it's harder to accidentally lose data.