brianwebster 0 Newbie Poster

I tried searching more about google ghost but unable to get information about it. Is that really exists?

hary999 0 Newbie Poster

google ghosts come under algorithms which are responsible for detecting site's spammy links and duplicity i.e.panda and penguin

Mike_17 0 Newbie Poster

If google ghost is not an official update then this fact will decrease google SE users and SEO workers. In near future SEO will be the one most complex process then Programming.

EDWARD_4 0 Newbie Poster

i am not sure about it..

Kelly Burby 44 Posting Pro

Well, I don't think that there's any Google update named Google Ghost if there's any then I am sure it might be published.

james_31 0 Newbie Poster

I always enjoy your article, Davey Winder. You have a gift for discussing such inspirational topics in truthful yet amusing ways. Your articles help us realize that our problems are typical, and we can solve them in constructive ways. Thank you and keep these good articles coming.

thaversantosh -3 Light Poster

I don't know about the google ghost , but google releae his update very sooon . So may be this new update name google ghost ,

omthavertch -6 Junior Poster in Training

there is no any description about the google ghost? please guys you dont know then please share from where you get this information

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