I've replied to a couple of topics but never created a topic. So here is my first. It's always helped me with SEO and it very simple to carry out. Back links do carry great weight in terms of SEO and obtaining backing links is sometimes difficult.

You have a product or service and you want to build some links to it. You can either approach your competitor or other businesses in the same niche and ask for a back link or think about what your service or product the website targets. A couple of months ago I was link building for a watch company, all the competitors were linking to each other and various other watch related websites but nobody had approached any possible niches which may use a particular watch.

I.e. Dive Forum = Dive Watch, Running Website = Sports Watch, Designer Watch = Fashion Blog

The uptake from the various websites was fantastic, three of the website I approached invited me to write a guest article and new post with one keyword as anchor. And various links on links pages.

Anyway enough rambles from me hope it might help? Does anybody use anything similar?

Well, inviting other bloggers on our blog to write an article, seems to be very good. Everybody has their own unique style of writing so it is always better to let your visitors read something interesting in a different style.