I mainly write original articles to boost my site's SEO ranking.

What's your single most used SEO technique?

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Actually there's two: learn how to write well in English and learn how to effectively work the optimizable web page components.

Article is the key to success of the website so writing a good article is important I think too.

My single and best SEO tips is I do only "off-page optimization" for my all sites.

On-niche forum signature links is my single best SEO tip. :)

Best SEO tip?
It is a alternation.
Do littlebit everything.
Some articles, forum posts, blog posts, video posts, web 2.0 etc....
And you are in great success.

the same with me, creation of unique article to get quality backlinks.

Quality Contents and User-friendly pages are the best.

Quality Contents and User-friendly pages are the best.

Keyword rich, compelling content that offers the best chance for return visitors is what I look to do after the basics SEO steps.

Mine would be to include high quality content on my website and then promote it in social bookmarking websites. :)

You can not reach on the top with single tip only. Try little bit of everything on regular basis. There must be mixture of methods to let the search engines knows that we are getting backlinks from different sources.

My single SEO tips that is always try to collect new one way links for your website.

My bets seo tip is fresh & original content.. If you have this type of content then you will rank high in search engines google, yahoo..

Single best,,
Read how-tos from Google, Google101
they are beginner instructions,
start at the beginning,
so much of what is on SEO reccommendation sites, is exactly what google say do not .

Quality content is always very important for good seo.
I must say"content is king".
Another process is link building..........needs a lot of efforts.


Link exchange. Exchange links on relevant sites. One-way links are the best of course.

Create a video about your website, with backlink of course, and post it on video hosting websites.

Writing Good Content coz there's No point putting a lot of effort into building backlinks if your visitors leave as soon as they reach your site.
I saw a interview with the SEO of Google and he said he never invested much money in advertising but instead concentrated on creating a search engine where visitors will return. It worked

Quality Content is the best SEO you can have although the content and backlinks compliment each other and are both needed.

So I guess I have 2 not just one :)

Doing both On-Page and Off-Page Optimization. On-Page Optimization (done within your site) first then next is Off-Page Optimization (done outside your site). These two should go together in order to create better results.

good, quality, fresh, relevant content. content is king and search engine like fresh content.

Looking back at the posts so far it looks like quality content and linking are the two most popular tips. Can't say that I argue with them but I would say content is the most important.

I manage my blogs very efficiently, it really helps in SERP.

I guess mine would be to constantly update your quality content in your site. Eventually people will see your site and if it's informative enough it will generate it;s own quality links. And updating often give you more chances of the bots seeing your siite si it works both ways for bots and organic traffic.

Title tag and h1's baby... the best!

Article submission is the best.

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