awesome is true if your website has unique and good contents. that people wants then people will visit your website regular and you will get more traffic.

Good content is the first step to get a succesful website.

Credibility is a good reason why you should have good content. It also helps in bringing you returning visitors!

i m 100% agree that content is the king, better content better visitors impression and better ranking in search engine.. before going using any technique for seo one should focus on content.

Good content increase your credibility in the eyes of google bots and you get high crawling rate if you update quality content on your website or blog rapidly

As you always heard that "Content is King." Ofcourse content has more importance. If your content is unique, there are many chances to get high page rank.

SEO content not only needs to appeal to human visitors, but search engines as well, by the inclusion of keywords and semantically related keywords or topically. Fortunately, the development of high quality content can also help establish organic links - another facet of a great SEO campaign.

having a good and unique contents on your website is always beneficial. you need to do less seo work and your sit get high pr soon. and your website will get great reputation on internet.and your will start get linked from others website. because search engine like these type of website.

Agreed content is the king. The thumb rule is that if content of website is of good quality not only search engines but also end users would like to read it again & again. So the main advantage of having good content is more & more visitors get attracted to your site ultimately generate good amount of business. So the definition of good content would be to right the content in a way which humans can read & understand with consideration of search engine robots in place


Having good content is not only helpful to get backlinks,
but can also impress the users through our rich content...
Good content provides you the quality yielding backlinks
and can get good page rank for the website.....

spot on... good content is necessary if you want your website to earn you something!

When you offer content that is unique, relevant, useful and up-to-date, your readers will not only remember you for it; they will be much more likely to click through to your website as well as to pass it on.

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