as far as I understood it yet,
* backlinks from your own page have a certain value,
* while backlinks with a similar IP but different domain should be better
and of course
* completely different IP would be best.

Could anyone quantify this (at least a little), as in "much better" or "similar" or...

The thing is that I'm thinking about having a second site and would link to my first site, They are in one regard related.
Just buying a new domain name and hosting the site on my same space as the first site would be cheapest, but the IP would be a neighborhood IP, wouldn't it?
So I wonder if I should go with a different provider? Or isn't the back link value THAT much reduced with a similar IP?

SEO in principle isn't difficult at all, for me the difficulty is to trade one thing against the other when I have to decide, as no one can really quantify the ranking factors with numbers (or can someone? :) )


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Yes search engines are smart enough to pick up same IP address. If you can get a different IP or dedicated IP (it may cost extra), then do it. It will be better for your SEO.

It's good to have multiple IPs for links as they look more natural. But the end of the day, it is the PR and dofollow nature of links that matters.

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