Many people use i-zines as a marketing or sales tool.What do you think about it? Is it really useful?

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Ezines are really useful for promotion. It enables you to build relationships with your subscribers, other publishers and writers.

E-zines are good for SEO. Do remember that e-zines require constant content creation so your readers will look forward to read it.

E-zines are very useful for SEO as it drives more traffic to your site that to if your content is refreshed atleast twice in a week.

Ezine is really helpful from both SEO and traffic perspective. Your articles should be unique and interesting. Don't forget to use 1-2 main keywords for your site. But don't overuse them.

yes it is very useful in seo you can use it for increase traffic or for good backlinks .. but your contents should be unique.

Depends on how one uses the E-zines. They can bring you traffic as well as quality link, provided you are using them wisely and not posting just crap content.

Right, article submission on sites like e-zines is still nice for building quality backlinks and generating direct traffics purpose these days. All this would base on a nice keyword strategy, IMO.

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In E-Zine, you can submit good quality content, and be regular with your process of submission. After your article is reviewed, it will be published, if found genuine. It will help you fetch good traffic.

Ezine could be used to build links, build relations and at the same time helpful in building traffic to your website.

I was just reading an article that said that if you post content to an e-zine site, and it is indexed, when the same material is indexed else where or on your site, you will LOSE rank! This worries me. Also most sites just change links into "no-follow" links which aren't what we want.

Ezine is one of the best site for getting backlink. It also helps to get traffic

Definitely ezine is good for SEO(search engine optimization),
it is an article based site where you put your article in order to increase the back links or as well as traffic. but your article & its keywords should be unique or powerful (full or good contents).

Ezines are viral and allows long lasting links as long as you don't get yourself banned. Using article marketing you can actually build significant links specially from article directories that have PR 5 and above.

Yes, EZINE is one of the best resource to get more traffic, I am using that to submit more articles and get more traffic. Apart from that, I am using some other article directories too.

E-zines are really good because it brings traffic to the website.

Which ones do you use?

Ezines are one of the most effective ways to build a consistent list of costumers. Yeah, is true that needs some work but the results are very good.

Supposed to be excellent, just trying them myself will report back in I get results

I am daily user of Ezine i am just talking about my experience ezine is very useful and trusted article directory and mostly people give importance to ezine article and information so ezine is very effective for promoting business although it is very difficult to get approval of your articles there but overall very effective.

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