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Hello Guys,

Can someone help me to build a detailed plan for SEO?
Both on page and off page. So what i am looking for is step by step plan to optimize and build reputation.

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SEO is different for each website.

Yup that's right! You're plan always depends on the website, keyword and its competition. Based on these factors, there you can get and start a plan...

SEO plans depend upon website, first you have to decide about meta tags, after analyze your website with competitor website then start SEO work..

If you want a solid SEO plan, I strongly recommend you contact and agency that deals specifically with SEO and has a great track record. Having someone random do for you on forums is not advisable. Whether they're professional or not, they really don't have any idea how to accomodate your preferences. Nonetheless, the SEO agency will need to work with you directly to improve contract. SEO isn't something a third party could just do for you. There are many things you need to do as well.

just read and start seo and ask question if you dont understand you will learn seo by yourself only.

SEo is different for websites . It depends on the competition of that niche

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