Google analytic is the best SEO tool out there and its free too.

There are many free tools available online, you can use it. Google analytic tool helps you to track traffic. Backlinkwatch site will help you to count no.of back links.

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Personally, I would to recommend IBP or the combination of SEO Elite with Keyword Elite. They would generate effective keyword list for your new sites and offer valuable on page optimization tips with enough backlinking sources. :)

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* Checker5 Backlink Anchor Text
This tool checks your backlinks and anchor text used in the post.
* Analyzer6 Backlink
Research and analyze websites for link quality. Checks for Indexed Pages, Website, and links to EDU GOV Links, Domain Age & Expiration, Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Dmoz listing.
* Backlink Analyzer7 anchor text
The tool to help you link your website to post your website and link text used by your backlinks determine
* Builder8 Backlink
Building quality backlinks search engine optimization is one of the most important factors ...

I prefer to use google webmaster tools.

I agree with you Google analytics is complete software.

I Think BEST SEO Tools GooGle Analytial Tools,Google \adwords,\\\\\\linlkbuilding.

Use google analytics its the best

Google analytics and Google adwords are the best seo tools.

Best seo tool is wenmaster tool, web analytic and keyword research also.

You can not use a tool for all purposes.One have to use different tools for different purposes.I past for the analysis of Web site to check the backlinks iwebtool, looking for keywords Google Adwords.

I think google analytic is best tool for seo.

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I am considering to purchase a complete SEO tools to help with my SEO Activity as I stared working with bigger sites. I need a combination of good Keyword tools, Link builder tools along with some other popular Link Building & Competitive Analysis Tools tools. I can spend some good bucks per month.

Any Recommendation?


Rave and Seo quake both are good tools to analyze a site completely. But as raven is paid tool so it is much better.

I had a list of 100 WP instant approve articles, but from last some days most of them are not working. Can anyone provide me a fresh list of instant approve article WP or any other article, but should be instant.

I like Google's keyword tool.

Whatever you choose, make sure you can evaluate the tools/services before buying. While money back guarantees are always good, trying out the software before buying is almost a must when I purchases tools and services (of whatever kind)

Best SEO Tools to use for your website search engine optimization, Internet tools and google tools in one place and help webmasters to build a successfull website and Optimize for increase web traffic to your website, We hope you will find this resource useful and if so,

Google analytics has many features for SEO. You can play with it.


Google as search engine, Google adwards, Page rank checker are the tools for SEO...

Don't pay for any seo tools in hurry. First of all get trial version of tools you come to know and pay after you 100% feel it is helpful.

Some of the tools are as follows-
1- Google Keyword Planner Tool
2- Google Analytics
3- Google Search Console
4- SEO Web Page Analyzer
5- Ahrefs
6- Moz
7- Alexa
8- XML Sitemaps

Ahrefs is the best

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