ppc provide us a good start up if we have done on page seo.

if have not then as of google adsense it might select some other site rather yours if there content and seo is better than your so PPC is no alternative for SEO.
So, do good SEO than go for PPC and keep improving SEO.
But, yes PPC helps in boosting sells of your product.

I have never tried for PPC but god knows if I need definetly I would love to try for PPC. It is not like SEO but is also parrt of SEO that we should not forget.

If you are not able to put your site on google top ranking by using free seo technique that time PPC helps you to put your site on top list in Google Search page for perticular keywords

PPC can increase your traffic and your sales

we need ppc if we increase traffic on your website directly by google

When you need to grow your business at rapid speed then you should need to use PPC.

We do PPC for advertising on Google. And SEO to Rank our site in Search engine result page. For seo we need not to pay google but in PPC we have to pay google for each click on our ads.

We use PPC to do advertisement on google. We use SEO to rank our website in google search engine result page.

ppc is the paid seo we sign up for the google adwords to create the ppc account and easily got the traffic on the website

We can do PPC if we are doing the seo of the website. In PPC we need to pay for every click on our ads. But in SEO we need not to pay for google.

PPC can provide your fast responses to your sales. While in SEO, After the keyword get ranked in search engine. You will get maximum amount of traffic to your website.

Generally ppc's usage is must to get the traffic's for a websites.

Need of PPC is just for an instant search engine visibility to those who are searching for keyword phrases related directly to your business. With PPC management from Metric, your products or services are often displayed above organic rankings, where people are looking most

SEO is long process it take time to rank website in search engine result page. But in PPC you can get results in short time. For PPC we hae to pay for each click on our ads.

Pay-per-click are used to assess the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. Pay-per-click has an advantage over cost per impression in that it tells us something about how effective the advertising was. Clicks are a way to measure attention and interest.If the main purpose of an ad is to generate a click, then pay-per-click is the preferred metric. Once a certain number of web impressions are achieved, the quality and placement of the advertisement will affect clickthrough rates and the resulting PPC.

PPC is the instant result oriented and get traffics for the website.

SEO needs time and patience while PPC gives you instant result. PPC means more investment--more profit but should be managed by expert only. Many companies are offering PPC services in customers budget. SEO will take time to give you result while PPC will give you instant result.

When you need good traffic for your websites , on that time ppc is must.

PPC is good to get instant traffic. If you want to promote your products and bring awareness about your brand hopefully you should opt PPC.

When we need PPC...

While doing SEO, we did not achieve some highly competiton keywords, so website traffics are geeting down. In PPC methode some way get traffics to use keywords with paid, but trickly we can use some low price keywords with good traffics...

do PPC while you optimizing your web.. when you get good rank and traffic, stop it

When you need to get the traffic your websites.

we get 80% clicks from organic search and just 20% clicks from SEM, beause Organic results are trusted for visitors. and according to my thinking you should pay at least 20% for advertising. Major businesses are spent 80% for advertising.

PPC is the advertising method for getting more traffic to the site. As it include the images , banner and text based ad of the site. PPC provides the fast result for the site and that is why it is more used by people but for that one need to pay money as many times we used this techniques so it is costly.

PPC is one of the technique given by google to make some ads for our sites to promote it professionally..

PPC is good if one needs quick results.

If you want to get instant results,leads for your product or service, then we you shold go for ppc.

PPC is the marketing mean for getting more visitors to the website. As it consist of the pictures, marketing and written text based ad of the website

Is PPC better then SEO?

ppc is short cut of getting trafic with in short time.

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