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I want to know something about ,What is google AdWord ? How i manage ppc .Where i get more an more information about it .Please help me friends.

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Google adwords is the advertising source that provided by google. And it include PPC like advertising form for providing the result to the site. You can find from google if want the complete information and from wikipedia.

Google Adwords is Google’s online advertising platform that helps you find potential customers. You make ads and choose them to appear above or next to relevant searches. You only pay when your customers click on your ad and actually visit your website. It helps you give visibility even if you are not in top results. It takes your online marketing business on the next level.
Simply put, users search, they find your business, they click and you get paid for it.

Here’s complete information on how Adwords works

you can try it by applying for new account and get a voucher, however, when you are adicted, they will charge you more ;)

Google Adwords is a advertising program run by google. Here, Advertiser promote its site through sponsor list shown on the right hand side/ above the organic results. If you want to learn more go to google learning centre.

Actually Google Adwords is a tool provided by the google from which you will promote and earn business by spending a small sum of money. It is advertising program that has been running by Google itself.

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