what PPC program do you use? is the same whether their effectiveness? and what to look for when choosing a PPC?

I have several sites, most topics are different. I want to try making money this way, so need your advice.

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generally on what to look for when choosing a PPC system?

When I was banned in Adsense, I started looking for a suitable PPC systems, which would not have had so many problems and with better rules, so can establish on any websites.

After much searching and trial, I focused on the PPC http://www.bizzclick.com
I use it for a long time. I ike it.
A good set of promotional materials, feeds, and all can be customized.
I recommend!

Thank you! good advice!
Especially you are not one that recommend it to me already.

I would like to see more options for comparisons))

well neobux is also another site check it

Google adwords...is the best ppc option.................

google adsense

Google adwords is best to do PPC. You can set campaign using google adwords.

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