I have a 2 yrs old website, with plenty of information. The problem is, that this website is collecting information to one place, so it has almost every information, data from other websites. How deep can it affect my SEO? Is there any solution for this if it does?

Thank you!

If the search engines determine that your content is the duplicate content and not the content originally posted, that would be bad for you.

Recent updates to google has resulted in sites loosing traffic because of duplicate content.

Hi tibormarias,

I have a 2 yrs old website, with plenty of information. The problem is, that this website is collecting information to one place, so it has almost every information, data from other websites. How deep can it affect my SEO?

Google loves original content. Google does not like duplicate content.

Usually, only the original page or content is indexed and listed by google. The copies might not appear in the listings at all. Sometimes even the original content is not search listed. Google might see the copy first and think it is the original. So the original content mightn't be listed!

Let's say a cat jumps up and down on the keyboard for a few minutes. Then you post the cat's rubbish writings on the Internet. Google will give it first page listing. You can test this by typing a few random letters like hmip. It gets 43,500 search results. But if you copy someone's content, you might get no search results.

This is what's wrong with article directories. They copy other article directories. So their webpage mightn't be listed. It doesn't have original content. It's also a problem with forums which use content from other forums.

So copying content is very bad for SEO because you mightn't get any listing at all.

Is there any solution for this if it does?

To get good search listings you must have original content. This means the content needs to be re-written so google thinks it is original content. Maybe it's easier to write your own content in the first place.

Also new content needs to posted at least once every three weeks. Google loves new content. Then you'll get good listings.

Google is making efforts to deliver his best to his users with search results. So that Google has introduced the Google panda and Google penguin. Google use these algorthems to give instructions to the webmasters to do quality work.So if your website content is duplicate ,however the condition you fall, your website is not according to the guidelines or standards, That Google has set for the quality sites. Nowadays Google is foucing to reward the quality sites.

Having duplicate content will have a huge impact in your website, your website will not rank in search results and you will lose traffic for that. Better rewrite your content and have it check in copyscape or any article checker to make sure it is not duplicate.

content is the most important thing
write content yourself

Google Loves original content.If you are using duplicate content in pages.Its agffects your page rank.Avoid the canonical concept and try to used quality content.

I think you can solve this issue by providing the reference on each page of it source .There are many sites colleting the data from different sites but those are at good position up till now you can analyze their paling as well .

Dukee you provide a good solution and also other ways to find the solutions as well .

Well Might be you know about Google Panda It was unleashed upon the world back in February 2011. The prime objective of this update was to address the ever increasing level of spam prevalent within Google’s index and increase the user experience. I’ve recently been subjected to another data refresh of the Panda update on the 20 August, making this latest release Panda 3.9.1. Google panda update is meant for catching the duplicate content in world wide web.

check all the content through copyscape for plagurism chaeck. If it shows duplicate content, check who posted your content. If you found anyone, you may lodge complain with Google. otherwise, you will have to change the web content witn new keywords.

i dont know people use duplicated content, when its clearly writen in google guideliness site with duplicated would be penalized. On other hand orignal content is they best ranks your site.

Quality content matters in SEO and it is necessary that you should organize the content on your website in such a way that it becomes search engine friendly and it should give visitors interesting and new informative to read. Google penalize domains that have duplicate content by making their search results less visible on searches resulting in lower ranking.

Hello Guys i think that If your web page has similar material in two or more webpages of the same web page, then it is regarded as copy material and the google will punish the frustrating web page by ignoring it in the google look for. The google will look at this as efforts by the webmaster to make his site appear to be rich in material.Also if you take the material from other sites then if you do seo of your site then there is not good impact on your site.Thanks a lot!!

After Google penguin updates i must sites having duplicate content has been penalized by google.So try to make your website content fresh and unique to get good PR from search engine spider

Well, why will any user be happy if they get the same results (content) by Google for XYZ keywords nor would Google be so successful if they encouraged Plagarism. Google simply doesn't encourage copied content & this is something that happened with my own site where our competitor had copied the content from every page except the brand name. Even my site had poor ranking because of competitors flaw & had to inform Google about it.

Duplicate content is content which looks in additional than one position on the Internet.

For sample, reflect a website with some landing pages that are geo-targeted for altered locations. The content maker may think it’s sufficient to custom all of the same copy, and just modification the name of the state or city they are targeting. And while that would certainly be convenient, it clutters your site with pages that are basically the same.

Duplicate copy can also occur if a company has several websites. If your company assumed it was a good idea to acquisition two URLs and host identical sites with the purpose of interesting more traffic, I have bad news: if the content is the similar for together sites, it’s duplicate content. Straight if the company is the SIMILAR company, it doesn’t matter.

Irrespective of the thinking behind having pages with the similar copy, it’s duplicate content.

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