Will this algorithm work similar like Panda and Penguin because as of now there is no news for any big lost in ranking.

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Google specify that humming bird update does not harmful for SEO, it is one more step to improve the serp. According to hummingbird update your website must contain high qualiy and orignal content.

Humming bird algorithm will help to find a accurate result. it wont affect the web site in SERP.

Humming bird algorithm works based on content only it must be unique. If our site content is unique there is no bothering about ranking.

algorithm works supported content solely it should be distinctive. If our website content is exclusive there's no bothering concerning ranking.

Google humming Bird algorithm can make use of more complex search requests and has a better understanding of the concept of human language, rather than a few scattered words

Hi , friends Actually I am confused little bit , humming Bird algorithm was lunched on google birthday then what is the need of pandad update after few days later ?

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