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Your post subject suggests you have a problem with your indexing, but your post doesn't tell us what it is.

Do you have a problem?


actually i created a blog and and add it in the google webmaster and the analytic and add the site map as well but it not index yet i think


Put your complete url in Google search box and check search results. If it shows results related with your site then it is indexed.
Another way
Put it in Google search box. (Replace xyz.com with your blog)


Well, you can have a look at the Google webmaster tool or what you can do is head over to the page you want to check that google has crawled it or not, copy a part of the text written over put it under the colons "" and serch for them over the google if Google has crawled your page then you can see it in the google search results otherwise, you ..... :D


Best way to know is to copy your desired URL and make a search in Google. If your site appears, it means it has been indexed.


I agree with searching "site:yoursite.com" on google.
You may also try using Google Webmaster Tools for accurate results.

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