how to promote databse realet website on the google before now i never promote any data base site. so its new experience to me so need help what the criteria for the database site promotion.please guide me

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Not sure what you mean by a database site. Are you referring to a database driven website where all of the content comes from a database?
these cases are no different from static websites. A crawler lands on your page and the page loads as normal, thereby making all of the same content available as if a user had navigated there. The content is there searched and the usual SEO rules applied.
Is that what you meant?

As hericles said,
plus with a database site you can make your sitemap dynamic to pull all content from the database each time the bots visit, enabling easier indeing

inde (eks) ing, keyboard failing

thanks you both

I am not getting you , what type of site you want to promote . Data base site means , application site which is the part of admin, and there is no need to promote such type of application . Seo is works for the static website . where we only show our bussiness and selling products .

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