traffic to site with help of blog,article or social site which is better?

Social websites are the good way to gain traffic on your site, but don't rely on a single strategy because it is a short term strategy.
I recommend you all strategies related to Search Engine Optimization and Social media marketing because only one thing neither gain traffic on your site nor increase your Page Rank.

Hi @Kiran sharma!
I agree with johnmichael. Social Media is the best option for traffic because lots of people nowadays are exposed to this.. However, to be able to earn traffic to your website you must have more strategies such as On-page and off page optimization, keyword research, blog commenting.. Etc. Goodluck! :)

Well, I guess the best option would be getting the traffic to the site with the help from blog and social media. I know you can't count on conversion with the help of social media but i guess social media is good place to get traffic from. Rest of the time can be given to the blog post as I guess this would be the real game changer for your in conversion. But try to be much more altertive with that !

These all statergy are important wew can't say that which one is better yes social media is good way to get traffic but we cann't ignore other important things like article submission.

Did you jsut said article submissions ??? I think you are getting things going towards wrong direction, submitting article over article directories are considered as spam and telling people to move ahead with article submission isn't going to help rather than it will make things worse.

Every method is useful for increase traffic. By using single method, you will never get rank or traffic.

All of them are good sources of traffic while social media traffic will be take time but as soon as it starts flowing, it will generate huge amounts of traffic better than blogs and articles.

Seriously did someone said over here that "You can't ignore article submission" I didn't understand how many times I have to tell you guys that no article posting over article directories is going to harm you ! So, I am not going to recommend moving forward with the article submission over the article directories. Rest I would say now I am going to leave this to you and the other forum members to decide !

Blog and social sites drives more traffic than the articles to your site.

Hi! kiransharma as far as i knew the one and only best way to gain traffic to your website is only through the social websites which are having the high PR because if we got back links through high PR websites means the traffic to our website will a;lso be get increased and also simultaneously the PR of our website will also get incresed.

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