I don't know if you guys have your eyes over the post over [Search Engine Land](https://www.seroundtable.com/google-pagerank-dead-again-19482.html) according to it's now offical that Page Rank is dead and update isn't going to arrive !

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I bet we still see 5+ posts a month asking on how to increase pagerank. I am glad they finally came out and said it though especially since they have so many stronger ranking signals now that link building is only one portion of it all.

It is official - Page Rank is now a closed book and will not be anymore a contributing factor to the website's SEO. This is also a sign in which SEO people must focus more on building relevant relationships and engagements.

It is another sign that SEO has really changed and just like what OtisGross said, SEO should focus more in social engagement.Let's see how SEO and social media marketing go hand-in-hand with this.

@PixelatedKarma that sure is something I would agree with you ! I have also seen those post where users keep asking how to increase PR of their site.

Ya its funny Kelly, because had they been focusing on MozRank this whole time they'd be following the BPs of all the major SEs and if there had been another PR update they would have still benefitted from their work.....but ohhh no, google PR seems to still be king to some people haha

I don't know the last time I have seen a PR update. If it's official, it is a good news coz many were worried about their PR rankings as I can see people post on How to increase their PR's almost daily and you may find large dscussions going on, on the thread. At last these threads may come to an end. Well now the concern is "If it is official, Google might be up with a new algorithm which will make some people's night sleepless."

Well @amritmishra last time the PR update was pushed on I guess 5th and 6th of December 2013.

Thanks for your information @Kelly Burby. Well now I know the date of last PR update, now I would be able to inform a lot about this. But the efforts will go invain as we won't find any more PR updates from Google.

@wilma11 I would suggest you creating your own thread about this one because the question you have asked over here isn't related to my post above, I would say you seemed to be hijack my thread ... :P

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