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Today i had conversation with a CEO of reputed company. He asked me that he need 30-40backlinks per day for his websites. Im in a dilemma that whether it is possible to get that much of backlinks per day?.. Please do help me out. If its possible then please suggest me what are the steps for gettong 30-40backlinks

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You ever heard of the 80/20 rule? This CEO is putting his Company into the 80. To get 30-40 UNIQUE RELEVANT QUALITY backlinks a day will be possible for the next 3 months probably (difficult but not impossible). Beyond that you'll be scratching links from websites with less merit and might end up hurting his website more than help it. People like this CEO are all about quantity, whereas SEO has made a major shift towards Quality. Without this SEO recognizing this your being set up to fail (hence why this CEO is putting his company in the 80).

Now if you want your first step; I'd strongly suggest you analyze their current backlinks. Rid yourself of the bad apples to begin with. Then begin researching your competitors backlinks. Beyond that creating stunning copy and sharing that will become your new best friend.

Tell you're client that you're putting your website at risk if you want this kind of strategy. Quality is what Google is after - and spam is what it's against. 30-40 backlinks a day can be really spammy especially if you do not have a wide range of resource.

I find this ridiculous but possible. In SEO there are risks the question is if it's worth the risk. You need to explain to him the risks of having 30-40 backlinks per day one of which is quality. In case it didn't work, then show him the results of whatever that you will do to justify your theory that it's not feasible.

Well, what I like over here is the answer given by @PixelatedKarma, anyway tell me if you are have a burger shop what you are going to put in your shop at bulk? ingredients to make a burger or you are going to showcase electronic items outside your shop ?? yes I am talking about relevancy means the linking your site to the place where there's some similarites i.e relevancy means you have a website concentrated on cars selling and purchase and you are linking your website over to some technology forums or sites ! And yes one more thing you have drop your idea about 30-40 backlinks perday because that's going to attract useless linking better to start slowly and steadily you will automatically gain monmentum

30-40 backlinks per day is OK and can not harm your website as long as you consider QUALITY. Content shoule be fresh, unique and relevant. Also consider the authoritativeness of the websites you're leaving your link.

Well @97pstore would you mind explaining a bit more about what are those SEO tactics which can help @OP out !

I use Moz to get quailty do follow back links. I enter a competitor's webiste and use them. If they are in Moz, I assume they are high quality back links.

If the purpose is only to collect links for the website then it is possible to create by using all the off page activities like - article, social bookmarking, blog commenting, press releases, classifieds, forum postings, etc. in parallel.

If you can't do it by yourself, then I'll recommend you to hire an expert like BarryinSiam On SEOclerks, as their rates are very low and you can easily get your work done.

On the other hand, it is better to do it by yourself since you will get better as you do it by yourself. Your knowledge will explore as you do it.

everyday like 40 backlinks like SERP ranks site to build the back links you get good result.


Earn backlinks via a good content strategy.
The best content strategy I have seen to date is called the "skyscraper technique". There are plenty of case studies where people generate good quality backlinks and traffic.

On a side note 30 to 40 backlinks per day seems pretty unrealistic and focusing on the number of backlinks is the wrong metric.

Make sure your client has their sales funnel setup and take an wholistic approach to increasing revenue. This will give you more creative room to devise an effective strategy and also increase your chances of hitting your goals.

Yes, as of all said it is ridiculous and impossible to create 30 to 40backlinks/day as it has more chances for google to identify it a spamming

blog quality content about sites with high domain authority, they will link to your article and you have links from them. you need to tell everyone who you profile in your blog

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