Hello Friends,

I have been doing SEO for the website and the rankings are in 3rd page. The client asked me to do Article Syndication and Blog Syndication which I am totally unaware off. It would be great help if someone can share me the process of doing it?.


Well, inorder to understand Article or Blog Syndication you need to understand what "syndication" is - It's the process of distributing articles, colums, or other features for simultaneous publications onto a number of web sites, newspapers in different localities. So, Article syndication means that you write and submit an article with the purpose of having it published on other websites, and the same thing goes for Blog Syndication. One more thing I am sure that you have heard that after the Google Panda update these things doesn't works, so I don't think that would be a good idea but that doesn't means it doesn't it will work good as long as you don't post for getting links. What better for you over here is better to post that over your own blog and try taking help of social media platfrom to promote that content rather than submitting those to some articles directories and all ! Rest, I'll leave thing over to you to choose from!

Hello Kelly,
Thanks for your insights on Blog and article syindication.
I had a meeting with the client few days back and expalined the scenarios of what works good. His response is awaited.

@samauden that was great ! I would say keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best ! :)