I have started my new beauty face care tips blog before 10 days, right now i have posted new 3 articles with fresh and informative content and I share the post link to my G+, Twitter, few Social bookmarking sites. Then next how to bring more visitors to my new blog?

Well, that's great now you need to keep working the same way also as you said that this is a new blog means you may need to do the link building thing now and also keep your feet dipped over the the social media ! Your blog is too new to get bulk of traffic just make sure that you keep working exactly the same way as results doesn't comes in that much fast. So hope for good and keep your fingers crossed !

How bizarre that the 'Bangalore SEO Company' should need to ask such basic questions about how to bring new visitors to a site. Either you are just here for the spamming, or you are really crap at your job. Or both...

Start backlinkings into relevant forums and do some relevant blog comments as well. This will help to reach the goal.