I think "Yes", one of SEO activies.But we have to do backlink with the high quality

Backlinks are help you for get traffic in your website.. Do follow quality sites are helps you get additional rank.

defenitly yes, you need backlinks. But the backlinks should come natural or at least not be spammy (maybe do outreach, let other people know about your valuable content etc.)

i thinks backlink it's good

Backlinks are effective measurement for SEO. Earning banklinks from higher rank websites are essential for SEO. But always try to check Domain authority, spam score and trust before you earn link from a website.

According to the new Google Core updates Content is more important than backlinks

Backlinks are hyperlinks that point back to your website from other websites. So we are indirectly driving traffic to our website, hence it helps in getting a better ranking position in search engines.

Big Yes to backlinks. It helps you to get better rank on search engine and possibly improve qualified traffic and leads. But all this takes time and the links you build should be natural and should come from quality sites.

Backlinks are very much useful for any website to rank in top positions in any search engine no matter what.

Weather its Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo or any other Search Engine.

No Search Engine is bigger than Google in terms of developing new search algorithms which may not relates with the proper effects of Backlinks for optimization purpose.

yes. Backlinks are useful to increase traffic and achieve high ranking as well.

Yes. Because, it increases the traffic of your website. The more number of backlinks you have, the more ranking your website gets.

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commented: Wrong! It's quality over quantity. -1

Yes, for good backlinks. No, for lot's of backlinks (not minding where they come from or who provides them for you).

Yes, Entire digital marketing rounding on backlink and for promotion every organisation focus on backlink.

Backlinks are helps to get high position in SERP. It assist increase your website traffic.

YES. They help improve your website's traffic, rank, reputation, and even relationships. ..

commented: Spam much? Reputation falls. -3
commented: Not yours! -1

Yes. and only yes. Backlinks will help you score and get to high positions. The quality of backlinks plays a big role. I recommend choosing sites with high parameters for placing your links. Bad backlinks can drop the site and even send it under the filter.

Yes, backlinks plays an important role to rank and bring traffic to your websites.

Links are the basis of the Google algorithm - its initial ranking relied heavily on links though other factors are now included so you need to now make the links relevant - don't use the same anchor text as G sees that as manipulating and is why the Penguin updates was created. Also get majority of links from associated sites - if you are a plumber getting links from a restaurant would not have much impact etc

For quality backlinks it's "Yes". If you are working on spam backlinking then it's big "No". Quality backlinks helps to increase the domain authority of the website as well as increase the ranking on SERP.

If you want to get result in ranking of your website,it will be useful to get backlinks from connected to yours websites. It serves as recommendation.This link should be only dofollow.
The quantity and quality of backlinks decide page rank that is a crucial factor in SEO.

Backlinks are useful to increase the website's traffic. It also increases the ranking. So Backlink is must to do.

A huge YES.
Backlinks bring you the link juice,attached with it is fame that helps you rank better on SERP.
Your increased connections on google improves the domain authority of your page and results in higher traffic to your website.
It's as simple as this :The more known you are in a market place, more cutomers are expected to visit your store, beacuse they know that you are one of the top solutions to their needs.
To be this top solution ,you need to be at one of the top google pages.And we all have experienced this, that no one clicks google's page no:2 or so on.
We type our query on google and select "mostly" one of the top results and trust the content and products on that page as if google is recommending us.There are few other things that are important for a good ranking andto be google's favorite but link building is top amongst them .It should not be ignored at any cost.
All you need to focus upon is how to do link building in the right way,in the right direction and then you are ready to fly

Backlinks are necessary to build relation and authority. Nothing much to say more.