How come when I make a big change to my AdWords campaign, suddenly there's a huge spike in my Google organic traffic for the next half hour or so?

I'm no expert at this but found reading to make me think this was expected.

That is, we are dealing with a black box in respect to Google. And folk are trying to poke around in the dark to see what's up. The zombie traffic and organic traffic is noted to be related one to the other so my thought is that the real payoff is zip and zero after the changes. No real (as in people) traffic in spite of what the reports say.

Yeah, Google does some funny things.

I recently finished a brand-new math program and uploaded the page onto my size. Then I wrote a blog post about it. My intention is that the page with the program on it should be relatively spartan, and the blog post is to provide backgound information, derivations, extra material, etc. Basically, the blog is supposed to support the main page.

However, when I do a search for my search terms, the main page is nowhere to be found (I stopped scrolling after the twentieth page), but the blog post is pretty high. I don't think anybody links to my blog, especially after only a few days. Puzzling.

If your marketing strategies are good enough, your traffic will go up, click-through rate will br high and conversion rate will go up. If your strategies are well defined, your rankings will improve also.