What will be on page & off page SEO trends in 2020?

Dhirender Negi commented: For 2020 Digital Marketer must focus on on page or website, speed, user friendly website. +0
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I think speed will play a bigger role than it ever has before, and the AMP project is either going to be ramped up or eventually scrapped just like Google+. I also think Google is putting more effort into schema and understanding and graphing entities, with the intention of building up their knowledge graph.

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I'm more of Tom Peter's fan. https://tompeters.com/writing/manifestos/ has a new entry for 2020.

Edit: Adding what Tom Peter is saying about speed and Excellence:

The bottom line re 'Speed Trap' is that I think in this age of 'speed, speed, more speed,' it is in fact the case that the most important things associated with enterprise effectiveness and, yes, excellence take time."

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Speed of websites, schemas, and a HUGE focus on delivering quality content for users (and not Google)

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Google has actually come out and said that incorporating schemas does not affect your rank in the organic serps, outside of being in the answer box and having expanded results. Not sure I believe that one.

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1 ) Voice Search is getting huge no.w . Voice SEO will be the number one trend in SEO for upcoming years . By 2020, up to 50% of all search activities will be conducted through voice.
2 ) Video Content will play an important role in SEO . It is observed that sites with video content get more backlinks and enjoy around 150% boost in search traffic.
3) Mobile SEO - The number of Mobile users are increasing day by day . Internet penetration is at all time high . Nowadays anyone can access any brand or business from a smartphone in mostly all locations.
4) SEO for Local Searches . As per the Google, around 46% of searches consists ‘local intent’. It tends to those types of search queries which include ‘near me’ or other location-based keywords
Also site speed , user experience , content will play an important role in SEO

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Voice search is huge for quick things, between Siri, Google Assistant, etc. However I don’t think it’s going to permeate all industries. For example, people still won’t be using voice search to google for answers to programming help. (And ending up at DaniWeb).

Mobile I think has made the shift within the past few years already, and it’s surprising me how it’s permeated into an industry I never thought it would.

I would have laughed in your Face if you told me 5 years ago that people would be using their mobile devices to ask a C++ question. And yet, today, a good percentage of our audience is, indeed, mobile traffic.

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