I think my web site is in google standbox.
Hey now what should i do to make my website out of google stand box so that i cam make my website rank googld for keyword freelance web designer india.

Please comment

Did you mean google sandbox? If so, below might be helps you, all is based on my experiences:

1. Create google sitemap then submit it using your google account. Google will crawl your site regularly. In my experience, it helped my new site appear in Google SERP in two day.

2.Get some google adsense code, put it on your page you want indexed. Go to that page in your browser then hit refresh every couple seconds or so until the community service ads go away and real advertisers start to appear. Remember not to click that ads, it against GA TOS. If you dont have GA account, better borrow it.

3.Buy recently expired domain names that have been in google result. Once you get it, you should redirect it to your website.

Above was effective for my new sites.
I have another tricks, i you interested to know more, you can PM me.

I think many webmaster here in this forum already knew it. They would be glad to help you.