I think there are many ways to submit your site to search engine. Google is providing searching engine submissions lists, just get them and submit your site. Similarly for yahoo.

Do you have a Google Webmasters account, because you can submit your xml sitemap there

Best way to let Search engines know about your website.

If you do directory submission site will be benifited and it will help your site to go up in ranking.


If you want to see your link in all the search enigne the go for search engine submission. Aslo submit sitemap.xml in webmaster tool. Soon your website is index by all the search engine.


Hi guys do you have any suggetion for SEO tools ?

Most the big search engines have a submit your site option and many hosting providers offer a tool to submit your site to multiple engines. In order to get a good position near the beginning requires a lot of good content emphasizing your chosen keywords and links from other sites that have similar content.

I have a problem with delicious.com. Why can't I sign up it to post?

@victoria.tran.589, i have heard of many problems about delicious, you may have to do some google searching on that question.

type "google add url" and "yahoo add url" in google search you will get the result.You own a blog or site which one?

create meaningful meta tag and submit on page.add xml sitemap and robot.txt for fast indexing of website.

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