If we follow people on Twitter we will sometimes get that "Thanks for following me" message and sometimes it will say that the person is following you in return.

Beyond the type of message metioned above and not including the SPAM tweets that you get sometimes, is there an etiquette to using Automated Response messages on Twitter?

I could see if you are running an e-commerce site and as part of the sale you ask the person if they would like to follow you on twitter for future sales, then I could see generating an automated "Thanks for the sale and for following us on Twitter" message. Does anyone have any other times that an Automated response tweet would be a) appropriate and/or b) a good step in the customer service process?

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You can use tweetlater to send automated persons who to people who are following you. Now since everybody is using twitter and use automated service, so hardly any people visits your message.

The success with automated message has reduced a lot when it comes to sales.

Yea, but at least you should show your responsiveness by just telling them "thanks for following!

I have tried both and now I use neither for one account. In regards to the automated response, I felt it was impersonal. Then I created personalized direct messages for each follower. This was very time consuming and I only got one or two responses among 100 DMs. Do I see a difference? Not really. I do think it is nice to send a thank you message regardless but the issue is that the member might just ignore it. What do you think?

I agree with all comments, especially in that the auto-tweet is a bit impersonal. But the more I think about it, using a variation of the automated response whan a sale is completed online (where along with a confirmation e-mail for the sale a tweet goes out thanking them for the business and suggesting they follow the feed for new sales) might be a viable option.

In a situation where someone is ordering on-line where they are asked for their e-mail, I think asking for the twitter account would be appropriate. Also, as most e-comm sites will ask the person if they want to receive future messages about sales offers, the person could choose between receiving e-mails offers or tweet offers. If is was me I would choose the tweet option as it seems less invasive. Any thoughts?

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